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I loke to fight and train im kinda hard to get on the bad side of but i hate people that think there better than me

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The year is 2049. Seven years ago a great war broke out. The war was fought by all. The war destroyed most of the smaller weaker countrys within days and soon started to destroy the other nations who were constantly trying to over power each other with the latest weapons. The war took holed on every where It was a no holds bared battle royal.

There were no truces no freedom most people were inroled in the army at an early age. The war was a constant strugel between country trying to prove whos best some useing guns others missles. The used radiation,poisons,viruses,missles,nuke s,atom bombs,and even swords.But in the end the B.O.W. (Bio-Organic Weapon)won the war. It made monsters and hideouse beast but at the same time made evo humans.

This is where I come in. I'm an evo. 29 years ago I was taken from my family as just a baby and raised to be a weapon they brainwashed me to be a B.O.W fighter I was one of the few human that could survive the treatement I was one of 500 test subjects and the only survivore.

Every one of them were freinds from when I was first taken as a baby. About 130 died instantly,150 sufered weeks of pain befor death about 219 became demonic beast. They left me in a facility traped with these monsters. It was terriflying some could fly some could crush tanks others were fast and some where able to use minor tools because they just became realy stupid zombie-like-people.

But...I Had become so stronge I could smashed through a tank in seconds so fast I could out sprint a jet and so agile.I was super human! In only 1 week I had killed all of the monsters and escaped alive.

Today im going to tell you my story from the treatment to today.

*CAUTION* This story will shock you YOU'VE BIN WARNED!!!