Vampires vs. Were-Wolfs

2010-03-22 23:00:34 by spaceboy1997

Ok i've got a question about his. Have you noticed that vampires have gone from this. To some loser cool guy wanna be fags like in twilight and the same with were wolfs too

Vampires vs. Were-Wolfs


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2010-03-22 23:02:43

Thats the media.
Takes one good idea and blows it up to something to make money.

spaceboy1997 responds:

amen to that brother


2010-03-24 10:51:36

Unfortunately a lot of people like the emo whining vamps.
However, the old school kick ass vampires and were-wolves aren't completely gone just yet.
Case in point for vampire: 30 Days of Night.
Case in point for werewolf: Wolfman (2010)

Both are 18A in Canada, and R in the states for amount of violence and bloodshed in them. Check them out if you have interest in what these monsters of legend once were.

I'm also writing a Vampire story of my own set in the middle ages. Plenty of viciousness to slake your thirst. Check that out as well if you wish.

spaceboy1997 responds:

nice but heyt add to your point about that tre is also the undrworld movie trilogy so hey gess you are right